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Each Meals and Go Plan is a flexible subscription for 6, 12, 18 or 24 healthy and delicious customizable Meals prepared fresh for you each week, for pickup at the Salad and Go location and day you choose. We’ll notify you when your order is ready, and you’ll have a day to swing through the drive-thru to grab and go!

When it’s time to place your next week’s order, we’ll send you a reminder two days in advance to swap out anything you don’t like. Change your Plan size, pickup location, pickup day, and Meal choices as often as you like after your first order. Make no changes, and your last order will conveniently auto-fill for the next week, with a charge to your credit card for the price of your Plan. There’s no commitment. Pay as you go, and pause or cancel at any time.

Meals and Go Plans come in quantities of 6, 12, 18 or 24 Meals, at a cost of $6 per Meal. There are no account or membership fees, hidden fees, or surcharges. Just the price of the Plan you select.

Unlike meal delivery companies that use large shipping boxes with expensive insulation, cooling packs, and third-party shipping vendors, all of our Meals are prepared fresh right before pickup and chilled in-house, enabling us to save money on packaging and shipping. We pass these savings directly on to you.

That is how we are able to offer great tasting and healthy meals made with whole and natural ingredients, prepared fresh daily by our in-house chefs, for a fraction of the cost of other prepared meal services.

No problem! A Meals and Go Plan is no commitment, risk-free, and no strings attached. You need to choose a Plan to order, but after the first order, you can pause or cancel at any time. (See below for the difference between Pausing and Canceling.)

Yes! For each weekly Meals and Go Plan, choose your quantity, pickup location, and pickup day. Sign up for additional Plans for multiple pickups of freshly prepared Meals each week, or for multiple users under the same account.

We aim to give you as much control as possible. Change your Plan or Meals as often as you like after the first order. (Your first order gets processed upon checkout and becomes final at that time.)

Simply log into your Account before the Order Deadline (generally 4 days before your pickup date and noted on your Account page) and click “Edit Plan” to change your Plan size, pickup location, or pickup day, or “Edit Meals” to change your order. For example, for a Monday, Nov. 21, 2016 pickup, changes must be placed by Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016 at 11:59pm AZ time. Changes received after the Order Deadline will be processed with the following week’s order.

Pause or cancel your Plan at any time by logging into your Account and clicking “Edit Plan,” where you can then click to pause or cancel.

When you’re ready to start back up again, simply go back into your Account to Unpause a paused plan or Reactivate a canceled Plan. Update your Meals choices and you are ready to go! Note that your previously selected pickup location and pickup day may no longer be available if you canceled your Plan.

If you pause, your Plan will be placed on hold until you reactivate it. If you cancel, your Plan will be terminated and your pickup location will be released to other customers. Please be aware that Plans paused for more than 4 weeks consecutively, or for more than 6 weeks cumulatively within any 2-month period, will be deemed canceled and terminated automatically.

Meals are delivered from our central kitchen in Phoenix to Salad and Go store locations daily, generally between 9am and 2pm. Once delivered, we’ll send you an email that your Meals Box is ready for pickup, so you don’t risk arriving a moment too soon! (Note that Meals are packaged 6 to a box, so depending on the size of your Plan, you may receive more than one box at pickup and should plan accordingly.)

We’ll keep everything chilled until your arrival, then simply swing through the drive-thru to grab and go! (Store hours, excluding major holidays, are: 6:30am-9pm Monday-Friday, and 8am-9pm Saturday and Sunday.)

Note: Due to limited cooler space, orders not picked up within two days of the pickup date may be discarded. No refunds or store credit is offered for unclaimed orders. Please wait for a delivery notification before picking up to ensure your order is there when you arrive. 

We’ll be sorry to see you go, but you can cancel anytime after your first order at no cost. (First order processes upon checkout and is final.)


All non-Featured egg breakfasts may be substituted with egg whites, for no extra charge. Most non-Featured lunches/dinners may be customized with your choice of chicken, steak, or organic tofu, at no extra charge.

Once you select a Meals and Go Plan, pickup location, and pickup day, you’ll be allowed to select your Meals, including your choice of whole eggs or egg whites for any non-Featured egg breakfast, and chicken, steak, or organic tofu for most non-Featured lunches/dinners. Change your Meals as often as you like after the first order. (First order processes upon checkout and is final.)

All of our Meals are made by award-willing Chef Daniel Patino and his culinary team right here in Phoenix, Arizona. We use the freshest whole ingredients (never frozen!), sourcing as much as we can locally and buying organic to the greatest extent possible. We do not use microwave ovens, pre-made marinades, or pre-made sauces. Made with love and packaged with care, just all natural, home-cooked goodness from our kitchen to yours.

Our Meals can be heated by microwave, stovetop, or oven. Affixed to each Meal container is a label with heating instructions.

For microwaving, simply slit the plastic film in the center of the tray to release steam and heat for about 2 minutes, slightly more or less, depending on the power of your microwave. (Watch out for hot steam when pulling back the plastic film cover!)

For stovetop or oven warming, first transfer the Meal contents from the plastic container to a pan or oven-safe dish. Then heat until warm, generally for just 5-10 minutes.

Our Meals are made to be enjoyed fresh, not frozen. We believe fresh food is more nutritious and tastes better, as freezing can cause some ingredients to take on water or separate when thawed. If you need to freeze any of our Meals, be aware that some ingredients (like meats) will freeze better than others (like veggies or eggs).

Our Meals are made to stay fresh in the fridge for a full 7 days from your pickup date – just in time for your next order. We use a packaging technique called “modified atmospheric packaging” that lowers the amount of oxygen in the container. The reduced oxygen allows the food to last longer without the use of preservatives. It is the same packaging technique used to package food products at a grocery store.


Your card is automatically charged each week upon the Order Deadline (generally 4 days before your pickup date and noted on your Account page) for the price of your order, unless you pause or cancel.

If your credit card fails (for example, if it expired), unfortunately, your order will not be processed for that week. We’ll send you a message letting you know it failed and to update your credit card information so that you can get back on track with Meals the very next week.


Yes, all of our packaging, including our boxes, is recyclable. Our “better, healthier” motto isn’t just about food. We love that by slimming our packaging, not only does it save you money, but it’s also better and healthier for the environment.

No. We believe in offering everyone the lowest price we possibly can every single day, no strings attached. At this time, premium quality ingredients, chef preparation, and hearty portions for $6 per meal is the best price we can offer. As we grow, we will continually reinvest in our food so that even with increased costs of business, we will never have to compromise on quantity or quality.

We want to make sure you get the service you need. If you are having any trouble with the site or ordering, or if an order didn’t come out right, don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we will make it right.